Best AI For Web Design to Help Save You Time in 2024

A solid online presence is necessary for any organization or person in today’s digital world. However, developing a suitable website can be difficult and technically demanding. AI website builders are fresh-out-of-the-box technologies that aim to fast-track the cumbersome procedure of online construction into something that can be easily approached by anyone, irrespective of their technical experience.

Artificial Intelligence Website-building platforms will advance significantly in 2024. The interfaces are now friendlier, with options for customization and intelligent design suggestions. As an entrepreneur starting a new business, a blogger wanting to improve your online presence, or a small business owner hoping to attract more clients, AI website builders can save you plenty of work.

Today, in this blog post, we will explore the best AI website builders of 2024, not missing any features or benefits, and how they help you create a fantastic website within no time.

Why Use AI Tools for Website Building:

Role of AI assistant in an AI generated website

Website building has become an integral part of business, freelancers, and creators in a life where digitization is just about everything. Traditional web development can be a harsh process and consume plenty of time, money, and technological knowledge. That is where AI solutions in web development come on the scene— they provide a breakthrough to simplify and raise the speed of the procedure.

Like an AI image generator or AI logo maker, these AI website builders have such great algorithms that they almost automate various design and development processes. They produce an interface that enables a user to build quality professional websites, whether coded or not coded.

AI features in web design

A great benefit of using excellent AI tools is that they provide room for personalization in design suggestions. Outputs from such tools will be branded layouts, color schemes, and typefaces that fit the brand identity by user input to create a coherent and appealing look online.

Another significant advantage is the speed with which websites can be constructed. AI solutions speed up the process, lowering the time required to go from concept to launch.

Drag-and-drop editors, pre-designed templates, and automatic content production all help to remove the need for heavy human coding. This efficiency enables users to concentrate on content and strategy rather than getting mired in technical intricacies.

Moreover, AI website builders always evolve, considering the most recent design trends and SEO best practices. This means that websites created using AI website builders are visually beautiful and search engine optimized, increasing visibility and reach. Furthermore, these platforms frequently have integrated analytics, allowing users to monitor the success of their website and make data-driven decisions to increase engagement and conversion rates.

Features of Good AI Web Design Tools

The best in this niche would be AI tools that could reduce the process of web development and at the same time enhance its functionality and aesthetics to the very best. Here is what most web designers would like in such a tool:

AI Generated website features, AI features for web designers

User-Friendly Interface

A good AI web design tool should be intelligent design, easy to navigate, and simplify the whole process of web designing. This therefore may involve intuitive ways of navigation, crystal clear instruction, and facilitation of ease in drag and drop. It should feature an interface that appeals to all tier levels, from novices in coding to advanced users for help in easily creating professional websites. The main purpose is to make the whole web design process simple and fun.

Intelligent Design Recommendations

Among the key functions of an AI web design tool is providing intelligent design recommendations. The input provided by the user, their preferences, and industry trends are then analyzed to suggest matching layouts, color schemes, fonts, and images that would fit the user's vision and identification of their brand. This speeds up the entire process while ensuring the result is pleasing and coherent.

Personalizable Templates

Excellent AI web design tools feature a comprehensive template library. These templates serve as starting blocks, where one would work around customizing them to their requirements. High-quality developed templates cover a myriad of industries and purposes—portfolios, e-commerce, blogs, and business websites—so users are sure to find the best design for their project.

In essence, there should be an elaborate amount of customization to change the layout, colors, images, text, and some other necessary items to bring up a unique website.

SEO and Performance Optimization

In the digital world, optimization for a website can be maximized in terms of search engine optimization and performance. Good AI website design software should have inbuilt tools for search engine optimization that will make the site visible at maximum levels through search engines.

The AI tools would direct an individual on an optimal path for the content of a website, which includes meta tags, keywords, and structure. Additionally, built-in features like responsive design and fast loading times make it possible for one to undergo a flawless experience on any device and platform.

E-commerce Integration

Automatiaclly Generate an ecommerce website with AI Features

The heavy integration of e-commerce features is a must for those willing to stay on par with creating the online store. Good AI web design tools will support the full incorporation of e-commerce functionalities, including product management, inventory management, secure payment processing, and fulfillment of orders. It would also support multiple payment gateways and offer shipping and various tax settings. It should install smoothly and enable users to easily set up and manage an online store.

Analytics and Insights

This would help to understand a good deal about what is working on the website and what needs improvement. AI tools should have inbuilt analytics and insights giving the user detailed information on things like traffic, user behavior, or conversion rates.

Such data enables a user to pinpoint the strengths and weaknesses of their websites to, in turn, optimize them for better performance. A more advanced set of AI tools may also offer predictive analytics with trends forecast and proactive steps suggested.

Best AI Website Builders

Best AI Tools for Web Designers

AI has redefined the landscape of website building. It is getting ever easier, quite frequently, to create professional and feature-rich sites compared to the past. Here are some of the best AI website builders with user-friendly interfaces that you should consider in 2024.

1. Wix AD

Wix ADI, short for Artificial Design Intelligence, is what everybody is now waiting for—the evolution of website builders with a new understanding of the concepts of ease and customization. This AI site builder asks the user what the site will be for, what type of design he or she likes, and what features he or she will need, and then creates a personalized website complete with text, pictures, and layout.

Creative Process of Wix AID - AI site generator with Drag-and Drop Interface

Key Features

Automated design: This AI website builder provides instant design based on input from the user.

Drag and Drop Editor: This valuable tool allows users to customize an AI-generated website with a simple editor.

SEO Tools: Utilize our inbuilt SEO tool to improve your search rankings.

E-Commerce Capabilities: Complete store-building tools with payment integration and inventory management.

Wix ADI was created for everybody who wants to launch a good-looking site in just a few moments without profound technical knowledge.

Hostinger Website Builder

Hostinger Website Builder combines AI technology with a strong hosting platform, putting everything in place to create websites. It is designed to be easy for beginners but will also pack features powerful enough for even the most skilled webmasters.

Create pages in Hostinger AI site builder

Key Features

AI-Driven Design: The AI website builder asks a few questions to understand your needs and implement tailor-made websites accordingly.

Intuitive Interface: It means having a user-oriented interface with drag-and-drop capability to make customization intuitive.

SEO and Performance Optimization: Features designed to optimize site speed and enhance search engine ranking.


In terms of being easy to integrate and user-friendly, Jimdo has turned into a great website builder. This AI website builder is perfect for basic websites, especially for individuals and small businesses that want to establish an online presence.

The AI wizard, Dolphin, deals with the consumer through questions about their business type, style preferences, and features required to create the consumer's site. Dolphin then prepares a personalized website full of pre-filled content and images from the on-site answers given.

Jimdo AI site Builder for Web Designers

Key Features:

AI-POWERED DESIGN: Dolphin creates a personal website with your content inputs in a few minutes.

SEO and Analytics: The software facilitates site optimization through built-in AI tools for SEO with analytics for performance tracking.

E-commerce Capabilities: It allows one to open online stores, add products or services, and receive payments.

Jimdo would be the best AI tool for someone looking for a basic, no-frills website builder and one that will probably deliver great business results with little effort.


Shopify is one of the most used e-commerce stores that use AI to get the user started with the design and, most importantly, manage their online store. It provides AI-powered tools designed for building and optimizing online stores.

Other AI features include tailored product recommendations, automated inventory management, and accessing advanced analytic insight, which boosts sales and enhances customer experience.

Shopify Builder with ecommerce functioning for web designers

Key Features

AI Product Recommendations: AI product recommendations make the shopping experience for the customer meaningful, and recommend the products that fit best with the behavior and preferences of the consumer.

Automated inventory management: AI tools help maintain stock and ensure that the products are kept up to date in case they go out of stock.

Advanced analytics: The analytics provides the pattern of sales, customer interaction, and how effective are different marketing strategies.

AI is creating a new wave of technology, especially in the website creation sector, artificial intelligence-powered website build allows it to be simple, quick, and user-friendly for many. Apart from the AI website builders mentioned above, there are other AI tools like Squarespace, Weebly, Zyro, etc. These platforms leverage the might of AI to free the hassle of guesswork in design and development, leaving you free to enact what matters—growing your online presence.

Wix's AI Website Builder - What's Special about it?

Wix is a great website builder, but its AI website builder is simply named: Wix ADI. Unique in its relative simplicity, customizability, and brilliance in the interface, this features some type of crowning feature over the others in the row. Running off advanced algorithms and machine learning, this serves probably the most personalized website-making experience ever.

Firstly, Wix ADI provides a smooth way to build AI-generated websites. It does so by first asking questions from the user regarding the requirements for their business or personal website: the kind of site they would like, the style of design they prefer, and the features they require.

Best AI website builder - Wix AD

It offers an inherently easy onboarding process that completely removes conventional web design complexities from the equation, making it possible for anyone with no previous technical knowledge to use it. The result is a user-specified website designed in minutes only.

Besides this, it is also one of the AI-powered features that distinguishes Wix ADI, a design used only for tailoring according to the user's inputs, unlike the functioning of other website builders, using pre-designed templates with very restricted possibilities for customizations. Wix ADI creates an original design that shows brand identity.

The smart solution selects the most suitable design layout, color schemes, fonts, and images that the user will prefer and that match industry standards. Thus, it will ensure that each site created with Wix ADI looks professional and cohesive without the cookie-cutter feeling that plagues many other template-based platforms.

When it comes to content creation, Wix ADI takes the. In turn, this can automatically fill in text in sections all over the site. I mean anything from the homepage to about us, among other kinds, depending on the information fed in by the user. This is simply very helpful for people who are poor in writing or too busy and, as a result, are left with no time to write good content.

AI Generated content in Wix AD

Created content is not only highly relevant and well-structured but also optimized for search engines to enhance website visibility and ranking right from the get-go. Another win for Wix ADI is that it continues to adapt and learn. Because it tracks every movement and change made on the site by users, it makes recommendations continuously.

In this way, the website could change constantly over time, with the pace and direction of such change being responsive to new trends and user needs. Similarly, if an AI detects a current layout that is working well among visitors, it may suggest similar elements to use for other parts of the site.

Utilize AI to Build the Website Structure

Website structure is the key to all activities in web development, and AI has changed how it can give results. Building up a website structure with the help of AI ensures that the end product will function properly and look good. This is how we use AI to build a robust website structure.

Initial Planning and Layout Design

Use AI Builder to automatically generate modern website

How AI can speed up this first planning phase is being able to create a layout based on input from the user. For example, by saying what type of business you own, and what you are after goal-wise and style-wise, AI processes this information to suggest a basic structure showing the number of pages, the hierarchy, and the flow between them. In general, AI tools like Wix ADI prompt with a series of questions and then mock up a layout with major sections/areas, including Home, About, Services, Blog, and Contact.

Automatically Organised Content

In this layout, the use of AI helps arrange the content. AI algorithms advise the most suitable position of texts, images, and multimedia elements to assure a user of a coherent experience.

For example, AI can identify the ideal place for a call to action where opportunities are at their maximum to turn prospective visitors into customers. Tools like Bookmark's AI-driven builder, AIDA, make all this automatic by analyzing the content you hold and placing it logically on the website.

Design Consistency and Customization

This will ensure your site design is consistent on all web pages; no particular page stands out with a different look and feel. AI tools go on to further match color schemes, fonts, and styles with your brand identity, creating one clear and cohesive visual experience.

More importantly, these AI tools make it easily customizable so you can tweak the computer structure into an optimal one, according to what you view. These are AI-enabled platforms like Squarespace that offer intelligent design suggestions, making it easy for visitors to maintain a level of consistency and at the same time being flexible to allow for custom tweaks.

SEO and Performance Optimization

Putting up your AI-based site structure would also involve SEO and performance optimization. With AI tools, you get to analyze the content on every page and receive recommendations regarding improvements for increased visibility toward search engines. This software can help with proper keyword usage, meta tags, and descriptions to set up your site from scratch with good SEO.

Site Editor and SEO capabilities in AI Website builder

Moreover, one can optimize the site structure to obtain the best possible load time, which is extremely important for an excellent experience and high ranks on search engines. All of this is now embedded in platforms such as Zyro, where creating high-performing sites that also attract organic traffic has become easier.

Continuous Learning and Adaptation

An AI website builder learns and adapts to their users. It analyzes user behavior to recommend structural changes that make the site more engaging with better chances of conversion.

For instance, AI may understand which pages are the most visited by visitors and proceed to make recommendations for changing the structure of the navigation menu, or suggest adding new sections to better cater to user needs. This ensures an ongoing cycle of improvements where your website does not wane in relevance but towards whatever end you are working for.

Best AI Website Builder for Small Businesses

Squarespace is one of the best AI website builders for small businesses, judging by its capabilities, ease of use, and all-in-one platform. Let us go closer to the points on which Squarespace truly shines for getting small businesses to establish themselves with an excellent web presence.

This is one reason Squarespace is a small business juggernaut: the deep visual strength of the template. As an AI website builder, Squarespace offers thousands of professionally designed and tailored templates for different industries and needs. The designs are beautiful and customizable, giving businesses a branded web presence without needing high-level design skills.

Squarespace also has a clear WYSIWYG, or drag-and-drop editor, which allows even beginners to use it. Moreover, it will assure the small business owner of easier management in developing and maintaining their websites without a problem, hence saving some precious resources and time for their businesses. Ease of use will be complemented at the platform level with AI-powered design recommendations to guide end users in making visually appealing and effective sites.

Squarespace continues to offer better e-commerce capabilities, which should matter to small businesses that want to sell over the Internet. The platform provides various payment gateway options, inventory controls, and shipping alternatives.This AI website builder integrates its e-commerce tools into one, thereby constructing a no-less-cohesive, professionally built e-store that is now easy to manage—and is optimized for mobile purchasing.

Hostingway and AI Website Builders

AI-based website builders and Hostingway are among the most effective ways to address the processes of website construction and maintenance. Notably, artificial intelligence website builders, such as Wix ADI and AIDA from Bookmark, feature ease in the cumbersome process of building a website.

Managed hosting involves the hosting provider taking care of the server for website owners. This allows website owners to focus on their website's content and business aspects. This hosting service is ideal for those who value ease of use and convenience.

Combining AI website builders and Hostingway will lead to a seamlessly strong web development experience that helps create and host powerful, scalable websites easily.

Using ChatGPT as an AI website builder

The use of ChatGPT as an AI website builder makes its approach to web development innovative and interactive. On the flip side, however, this has its upsides and downsides. While not entirely a standalone AI website builder, ChatGPT can come in handy during the creation process by providing guidance, content generation, and automation in some aspects of development.

One of the key strongholds for the application of ChatGPT is content creation. It will aid in creating quality text for a website homepage, about pages, product descriptions, and blog posts. This would save ample time and effort, especially if someone is not good at writing. That is to say, AI can change content to match specific tones and styles desired, achieving constancy of both these elements throughout the site.

ChatGPT can also be useful for brainstorming and planning website structures. During the discussion with ChatGPT about the goals the site should achieve, the target users, and essential features, one could obtain advice concerning the best layout and design elements that would work well. This will make a clear site vision and be the perfect ground for further development.

More technically, ChatGPT might even offer technical support and coding help. For users who can code, it helps to make code snippets, suggest best practices, and solve troubleshooting problems. This makes it a useful companion for DIY web developers, who need occasional help with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and other web technologies.

ChatGPT as AI code generators

However, it does not provide an oscillating capability for website development, and this is not one of its priorities – something that other more dedicated AI website builders, like Wix ADI or Squarespace, provide.

It does not include a pre-designed template or the drag-and-drop capacity for web development or hosting with e-commerce solutions. That is, users will still have to use a traditional website-building platform or content management system (CMS) to set up the design and content created with the help of ChatGPT.

This is how one could, in general, effectively utilize ChatGPT to build a web page:

Create Content: Use ChatGPT to ideate and create content for web pages, ensuring that it is both engaging for readers and optimized for search engines.

Planning and Structure: ChatGPT could explain the structure of your website by discussing page hierarchy and the major components of those pages.

Technical Support: Ask the ChatGPT chatbot any coding question you have, to get code snippets, or help troubleshoot a technical issue.

Continuous improvement: Brainstorm new ideas on how to change content, marketing strategies, and feature enhancements with the help of ChatGPT.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Which AI tool is best for web development?

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI) has a user-friendly interface that helps to obtain personalized websites through customized templates, SEO tools, mobile optimization, and the integration of several apps, all of which provide an overall comprehensive and effective solution for creating professional websites. Thus, it can be termed the best AI website builder.

Can a free AI website builder generate a complete website?

Yes, a website can be designed by an AI-based website builder like Wix ADI. Such tools use the information fed in to create personalized designs through AI algorithms, content, and layout optimization. In other words, even though not fully featured like the paid-for version of the service, this should provide a fully working professional site at nil cost.

Can AI replace web designers?

AI can automate the layout design process and generate ideas for design elements. It can already go as far as writing code. What it will not displace, though, is human web designers because they are the ones who bring creativity, empathy, and strategic thinking to a project; thus, AI cannot generate web design ideas as well as humans. However, true expertise in creating images and influential designs rests with human creativity.

Define NLP with an example.

NLP is an abbreviation for Natural Language Processing, one of the studies under AI that allows computers to understand and interpret human language and even mimic it. First, sentiment analysis deals with algorithms found within NLP, which help us examine text to determine the author's sentiment—be it positive, negative, or neutral.

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