Our features for our All-In-One WordPress Hosting Platform. Choose your preferred web server. Quickly switch between server types in your hosting cluster without needing to change configurations for better performance.

LiteSpeed cachingWebserver

LiteSpeed is a fast and lightweight server that we use to replace Apache. It has advanced caching and works well with WordPress, making it perfect for high-speed performance WordPress websites.


We use MySQL as our standard database system. It allows us to run different versions within a cluster. We can run various versions in a cluster with MariaDB. Ask for a customized MariaDB isolated environment.

Built-in backupsEfficient back-ups

Efficient "time machine" backups. The incremental, de-duplicated snapshots are quick to create and restore. We also set up third-party S3-compatible backups on a high-end provider for your website backups.

DNS serversDNS

The function of DNS is to offer DNS (PowerDNS) for every domain on the HostingWay platform. You have the option to either utilize HostingWay's automatic CloudFlare synchronization or a completely different DNS provider.

Google Cloud ServersGoogle Compute

Boost your WordPress website page loading times and SEO rankings by utilizing our fresh Google Compute Engine machines. This is the same infrastructure as Google's search, Gmail, and YouTube.

PHP versionsPHP

Our software is compatible with a wide range of PHP modules and versions, from 5.6 to 8.3. This allows it to work with different systems. Easily integrate our solution into your existing web server setup without any issues.

Detailed features

HostingWay provides high security, backups, database management, and DNS integration. It helps with new PHP versions and has easy control tools, domain management, and a WordPress Toolkit for improved performance.

Security Security

Containerised websitesContainers for all roles

Containers separate each website for each server role. The application role deployed on the identical server does not grant access to website files for containers.

Choose location storageChoose your data location

The location of your website can impact its speed and legal compliance. Easily choose your location from anywhere globally. We can deploy everywhere.

Website containersWebsite containers

Containerize each stand-alone website to protect other sites in your cluster from any weaknesses and cross-contamination.

Automated SSLAutomated SSL

Automatically add Let's Encrypt to unprotected websites for added security. Also, set up and handle SSL certificates from third parties.

Force HTTPSForce redirects HTTPS

Instruct HostingWay to reroute all website traffic to HTTPS.

Brute force protectionIP Protection

Create rules for IP addresses to help protect your cluster, such as setting limits and allowing/blocking certain IPs.

SSL TLS SupportSSL / TLS Support

All websites and services on HostingWay are fully compatible with SSL/TLS.

Two-factor authTwo-factor auth

Enhance your security by implementing two-factor authentication to safeguard your control panel access.

Team AccessTeam Access Based

Allow your team or outside collaborators to securely access data based on their assigned user roles.

Backups Backups

Website backupsWebsite backups

We've established an automatic off-site backup system for all website data to ensure the security of your information.

Restore backupsRestore backups

Recover single databases or entire websites on your own without the need for our support team.

Create backupsCreate own backups

Create full backups of your website and emails immediately with just one click.

Database Database

Database remove and addAdd or remove databases

Allow your team or outside collaborators to securely access data based on their assigned user roles.

User managementEasy user management

Allow your team or outside collaborators to securely access data based on their assigned user roles.

Team AccessSQL management

Swiftly import or export data straight to your web browser.


DNS managementDNS management

Utilize simple but powerful DNS management tools powered by the open-source PowerDNS.

Domain remappingDomain Re-structuring Instrument

We automatically redirect or transfer domains to target specific web roots within your hosting area.

Cloudflare SyncCloudflare Sync

Sync your domain's DNS and configure your proxy status using Cloudflare.


Activate/deactivate DNSSEC for each domain individually to verify existing DNS records.

Custom nameserversCustom nameservers

We provide free of use custom nameservers: ns1.hostingway.com and ns1.hostingway.com. These are redundant DNS servers functioning for your website.


Choose your PHP-versionChoose your PHP-version

Use different PHP versions for each website, including 5.6, 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, 7.4, 8.0, 8.1, 8.2, and 8.3.

PHP modulesPHP modules

HostingWay's standard configuration includes PHP modules such as Redis, Brotli, Curl, Zip, and many others.

Custom nameserversphp.ini Self Manager

Execute and manage PHP directives at the platform, role, and specific website level.

IonCube loaderIonCube

Enable and disable the IonCube loader on all websites. Safeguard your PHP Scripts using Encryption.

WordPress Toolkit WordPress Toolkit

Automatic WordPress InstallationAutomatic WordPress Installation

Automatically install WordPress or WooCommerce on each new website with ease. We handle the setup process for you automatically.

Enhanced user managementEnhanced user management

Directly from the HostingWay control panel, you can add, remove, and manage WordPress users.

IonCube loaderAutomatic updates

Create a schedule to regularly update your core software and plugins.

WP-Admin securityWP-Admin security

Limit entry to the WP-Login page by permitting only certain IP addresses..

IonCube loaderManage plugins

Directly manage, install new plugins, and update from the HostingWay control panel.

IonCube loaderEasy to debug

Turn on debug mode in WordPress to track WP_DEBUG, WP_DEBUG_LOG, and WP_DISPLAY.

Single Sign OnOne login for all (SSO)

Log in to your WordPress admin section without entering your username and password.

Website control Website control

On-Page File Manager On-Page File Manager

Our file manager works well on tablets, phones, desktops, and laptops. You can drag and drop files, conveniently carry out bulk operations, and more.

Staging Your Website Staging Your Website

Create staging sites that work separately from the live version. With a single click, deploy your website to production.

Clone Your Website Clone Your Website

Duplicate an existing website or incorporate a site with a pre-installed application. Cloning seamlessly replicates the database and refreshes the website's configuration files and paths.


Manage FTP accounts by creating, deleting, and controlling them.

Redis Redis

You can enable or disable Redis for each website separately. Redis initiates within the website's container and is exclusive to each site.

Cronjobs Cronjobs

Arrange for routine tasks to execute automatically at a predetermined date and time.

Opcode Opcode

To improve website performance, turn on HostingWay's built-in opcode caching feature. You can easily enable or disable it for individual websites.


Establish a connection using either SSH keys or SSH password verification.

IP Management IP Management

Allow or block certain IP addresses from accessing your website.

cPanel Import WordPress cPanel Import WordPress

Effortlessly and swiftly transfer websites, emails, and all passwords from cPanel utilizing an account backup or SCP.

Plesk Importer WordPress Plesk Importer WordPress

Migrate websites and email accounts from Plesk utilizing a site backup.

Domains Domains

DNS Editor DNS Editor

Generate, modify, and remove records of the Domain Name System (DNS) zone.

Subdomains, Add-ons, and Aliases Subdomains, Add-ons, and Aliases

Create and oversee aliases, addons, and subdomains.

Simple 301 / 302 URL Redirections Simple 301 / 302 URL Redirections

Create, modify, and control 301 and 302 redirections.

Alter Main Domain Names Change Main Domain

Alter the main domain name of a current website with just a few mouse clicks.


Activate/deactivate DNSSEC for each domain individually to verify existing DNS records.

Automatic Gmail configuration Automatic Gmail config

Connect your email addresses to Gmail swiftly and automatically using our DNS records and our redundant DNS servers.

Questions about our features

HostingWay uses LiteSpeed servers to make WordPress run faster with advanced caching. It supports MySQL and offers custom MariaDB for different database needs. The "time machine" system and other backup options automate backups. DNS management is strong with PowerDNS and options for Cloudflare or other DNS providers.

How does LiteSpeed benefit my WordPress hosting?

LiteSpeed is a swift, compact server that supersedes Apache. It offers advanced caching that significantly improves performance, particularly for WordPress websites.

What database systems does HostingWay support?

We use MySQL as our main database, able to run different versions in a group. We also provide tailored MariaDB standalone environments on demand.

Can I set up automated backups with HostingWay?

Our platform has a time machine backup system. This system saves time and space by only storing changes. It also offers third-party backup options.

How does HostingWay handle DNS management?

HostingWay offers DNS services through PowerDNS for domains, with options for Cloudflare syncing or using a different DNS provider.

Which PHP versions does HostingWay support?

Users can easily integrate our platform with multiple systems as it supports PHP versions from 5.6 to 8.3. You can easily add it to your setup today.

How does HostingWay ensure website security?

We use containerized websites to separate each site for different server roles. We also provide automated SSL via Let's Encrypt and support comprehensive SSL/TLS. Additionally, we offer two-factor auth for enhanced security.

Is it possible to manage several WordPress websites on HostingWay?

Yes, you can manage multiple WordPress installations, including automatic installations and updates, enhanced user management, and plugin management directly from the HostingWay control panel.

What are the options for creating and restoring backups?

With HostingWay, you can easily create backups of your website with just one click. You can also restore single databases or entire websites separately.

What kind of customer support does HostingWay offer?

HostingWay offers help through a help center and email to ensure you get assistance when needed. Plus, try our services risk-free with a 30-day money-back guarantee if you are not satisfied.

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